C Basics

Welcome to your C Basics

1. In C, every variable has
2. The word 'continue' is a
3. A character variable occupies
4. The identifiers are defined by
5. A long integer variable occupies
6. The word 'default' is a
7. An unsigned integer value ranges from
8. Declaration part declares
9. In C, the statements following main() are enclosed within
10. Which one of the following is reserved word in C
11. In C, variables are initialized in
12. In C, a variable cannot start with
13. Identifiers are
14. The volatile variables are those variables that remain/can be
15. In C, double variable needs memory size of
16. The word 'volatile' in C is pre-defined by
17. The C program should be written only in
18. Each header files extension in C program is done with
19. Variables must begin with character without spaces, but it permits
20. The range of character data type is

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