Array in C

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1. Array element counting starts from zero, hence the statement int x[0] holds _____
2. The 1st element according to C compiler physically is a _____
3. An array stores elements ____ in the memory
4. When in between two arrays of the same data type, if the values are interchanged then _____
5. Each array element is stored in separate
6. Output of the following program isvoid main()
int x[]={1,2.2,3},i;
7. In int x[5], the x represents a _____
8. What is the output of int num[2][3]={1,2,3,4}, {3,4,5,6} }; ?
9. In ____ , address of the array elements are passed to function
10. How many rows and columns are there in int num[2][3]={ {1,2,3}, {4,5,6} }; ?
11. In int x[3] if x[0]=12 and x[2]=26, then x[3] is ____
12. An array is a collection of multiple elements of ____ data type
13. What is the value of a[1] in static int [3] ; ?
14. In long k[4] the total memory occupied by the array is____
15. If in char c[]="Hello" the H is stored at 65470, then the o is stored at ___
16. Fast access of array elements can be done using____
17. The array int x[5]; can hold values in between_______ to ______
18. In int x[10]; the number 10 specified in the square bracket represents the
19. One-dimensional array needs only ____ subscript.
20. In int x[5]={2,3,4,5,6}; the base address is 65564, then the location of element 2 is ______

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