What is Data Structure

Data Structure is a simple way to organize and manage data so that it can be used in an efficient manner. Data structure is an effective way to perform various operations related to data management.

To better understand Data Structure let’s go through the given problem.

If anyone need to search his roll number in 50000 pages of pdf dcoument where (roll numbers are arranged in ascending order) how would anyone do that?

  • If anyone search it randomly or in a sequential manner then it will take too much time and get frustrated after some time.
  • If anyone try to achieve another solution then he may go to page no. 25000 and if his roll no. is not there, but all other roll no. in that page are lesser than the searched one, then he will turn to page no. 35000.
  • Still if his roll no. is not there, but this time all other roll no. is greater than the searched one, then he go to page no. 30000 and thus unintentionally he uses binary search technique to find a suitable roll no.

The following are the major four functions which are handled by Data Structure.

  • Inputting Information
  • Processing Information
  • Maintaining Information
  • Retrieving Information

Inputting Information: Inputting information is mainly concerned with how data is received and what kind of information is needed.

Processing Information: Processing information is the way through which data is being processed or handled through data structure.

Maintaining Information: Maintaining information defines, how data is organized within the structure. It also decides which relationship is needed among the piece of data.

Retrieving Information: The main idea behind retrieving information is to find the processed data and return data that is stored in the structure.

Data Structure is the backbone of every program or any piece of software.