The following are the different applications of computer used in present day scenario.

  • Business
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Heath Care
  • Military Events
  • Communication
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Robotics
  • Weather Forecasting

1. Business

A computer is high speed automatic and accurate machine which has made it an important place in the field of business. Computers play an important role in preparing payroll, managing employee database, forecasting financial data, maintenance of stocks, generating reports, etc.

2. Banking

Computer is the backbone of banking system in present day scenario. Without computer it is very difficult to manage huge amount of data and records of a banking system. With the help of computer it is very easy to send money from one place to another and to perform tasks like calculation of interest rates, making deposit of money,etc. It also made enterprise level application to work in a simple manner and replaced the paper work and time consuming methods.

3. Education

Computer plays an important role in the education system. It provides a lot of facilities to educate students and thus today hold a powerful position in the entire world. Their are many educational websites and soft wares which can only be run on computer. With the help of computer it is also easy to take online or off-line exam of any student as well to evaluate their performance in less time.

4. Health Care

Computers plays a vital role in the field of medical science. Computers are used in hospitals, labs and dispensaries. Computers are used to investigate different diseases. Computers are used in x-ray, ultrasound, CT-SCAN and ECG, etc. Now a days computer are also used in surgery.

5. Military Events

Computers are also used in military events to control the different activities during any military operation. Computers also control weapons like modern tankers, missiles, rockets, launchers, etc. Computer also help to track the enemy location and to monitor the activities of any enemy.

6. Communication

Sharing or exchanging of data or information over the network by means of speaking, writing and other medium was not possible without computer. Computer helps one in chatting , sending email, video conferencing, file transferring, etc. Thus, we can say the computer is the tool through which one is connected with each other and can share things without any delay.

7. Government

Computer plays an important role for uniform execution of government services. Computer helps in budget planning, income tax department, calculation of population ratio, PAN card formulation, aadhar linking and many more operations to run the government. Computers also help in government military activities, education department, external affair department, weather forecasting department, etc.

8. Insurance

Computer plays an important role in keeping all records up-to-date of any insurance of the company. Insurance companies, finance companies, lending money firms use computer for their work to maintain data in an efficient manner. Computer helps the company by maintaining all records such as customer name, policy number, policy name, maturity date, survival benefits, maturity amount, etc. for the end customers for their business

9. Robotics

Computer plays an important role in computer controlled robots to perform manual tasks. Robots are generally used to perform dangerous activities such as defusing bombs, exploring ship wrecks, exploring mines,etc. Now a days robots are also used to drive cars without human interventions with the help of computer and computer programming.

10. Weather Forecasting

Super computers are used to to make accurate weather and climate forecasts. With the help of computers one can easily predict the atmospheric parameters such as: temperature, wind, pressure, and humidity. Computer also play an import role to measure the magnitude of the earthquake as well as to draw the pictorial representation of weather forecast rather than numerical methods.